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From Network Operator to a Local Provider.

Tailored entertainment for your customers.

Your advantage with ocilion

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Missed it yesterday? Watch it today.

Become a successful provider of triple play services, combining interactive television, internet and telephone.

We help network operators, telecommunications and energy providers to offer their own IPTV service - with our personal support, from concept to implementation.

An all-round provider with a complete package.

Your advantages with the ocilion solution

We provide you a complete solution from a single source. The package also includes our full service with which we provide you from the first idea to your own entertainment product and also during ongoing operations.

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Best User Experience

Offer your customers a modern TV Product with your design, with all relevant functions.


Premium Content

Video-on-Demand, Channel packages and foreign language channels for maximum program variety.



Our apps are available for various end devices for first and second screens.


Ocilion P420
High-End set-top boxes

The ocilion set-top boxes are characterized by outstanding design and performance.


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Brand Experience

Packaging variants and branding options for a comprehensive brand experience.

More information

DACH Cloud On Prem

Solution Options.

On-Premises vs. 

The ocilion cloud solution is based in the data centre in Frankurt. You collect TV channels, EPG data, video-on-demand, mobile integration, etc. bundled as one signal at the transfer point. The on-premises solution is particularly suitable for larger network operators with their own head station and is hosted directly in the respective networks and utilising the existing infrastructure.

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For Customers with their own network.

  • Hosted in network operator infrastructure
  • Use of your own TV signals
  • No dependency on third-party systems
  • Always get new features first
  • Full ocilion range of functions
    (VoD, apps, recording, replay, live TV and much more!)


For Customers who prefer a cloud solution.

  • Hosted by ocilion
  • Bundled signal at the transfer point
  • From 500 end users
  • Low startup costs
  • Full ocilion range of functions
    (VoD, apps, recording, replay, live TV and much more!)

Direct promotion to your customer.

Infotainment & Advertising

Create the entertainment of tomorrow and become visible to your customers in the process. Use the direct communication channel to the customer for regional information from the city or municipality, but also as advertising space for tourism, retail or yourself.

Product Details

Video on demand.

With "Premium VoD Service", ocilion offers a very easy way of offering your end customers high-quality video-on-demand content. New Hollywood blockbusters appear parallel to cinema release and at the same time as the DVD or Blu-ray release on the platform ("Day & Date").

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Hotel transsilvanien 3 ein monsterurlaub P DE
Equalizer 2 P DE
Cortex One Sheet
Honest Thief 1920x2560
Die hochzeit meines bruders
Yakari 1500x2100
Phantastische tierwesen und wo sie zu finden sind P DE
Shadow in the cloud P DE
Systemsprenger P DE
1000x1440 Tax Collector Intl Eng Digital Key Art EST UPHE
VX 107825390
After Truth 1
VX 107555272
Capone 2000x3000
VX 107555283
New mutants the P EN
VX 107483464
1000x1400 Bond Collection
Spare Parts key
Screened out
Die Magie der Traeume Vo D 2zu3 2000x3000 mit Titel 2
Berlin Berlin
Peter hase P DE
1000x1440 Fatale intl eng digital Key Art EST UIG
Photograph the P EN
VX 107603035
Chick fight
VX 107281008
Ausgrissn DE 800x1200
Max Und Die Wilde7 2000x3000
Der Goettliche Andere One Sheet
VX 107333859
VX 107646483
VX 107509324

Your brand in front of your customer.

The ocilion white label solution is individually adapted to your corporate design. In addition, you can also make ocilion’s first and second screen apps available in app stores under your own name and design. We also offer the following branding options:

  • Set top box with your logo
  • Remote control with your logo
  • Premium packaging in your design


Your Brand
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IPTV for residential complexes and compounds.

You can also supply many different types of housing and residential complexes and compounds in your network with our IPTV solution. With the smart networking of premium TV with relevant tenant information via digital signage such as appointments for waste disposal, event calendars or the display of energy or water consumption, you offer users real added value.

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As a telecommunications company, we primarily offer our customers proximity and service. We also appreciate that with our business partners. We look forward to the competent cooperation with ocilion, another Upper Austrian partner, with whom we will revolutionize the future of cable TV usage for our customers.“
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