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Innovation begins with L.

Enjoy revolutionary television with the LIWEST läuft box.

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Innovation begins with L - enjoy revolutionary television with the LIWEST läuft box.

For 40 years now, LIWEST has been a strong partner for customers in the area between Linz, Wels and Steyr. Over 131,000 households use the diverse products of the largest cable network operator in Upper Austria in its own network. The product range has expanded significantly over time and consists of the Internet, television, telephone and mobile communications. Customer proximity and service are paramount for LIWEST, which is why they constantly strive to further develop their own products.

TV innovation with the LIWEST läuft box

„LIWEST läuft“ enables LIWEST ​​customers seven days of time-shifted television on more than 90 channels, many of them in HD. In addition to the app, which is intended for mobile use on smartphones and tablets, a specially developed 4K-capable “LIWEST läuft” box with a modern design, intuitive user interface and extremely short switching times offers the best viewing pleasure. The included 20 hour online recorder enables uncomplicated recording of entire series series at the push of a button. The online recorder can optionally be extended to 100 hours. All recordings can be saved permanently and accessed at any time.

For the IPTV integration, Ocilion used the tried and tested on-premises complete system, which is hosted locally on the LIWEST ​​servers and which has been tailored to the needs of the network operator. This includes software, a complete system environment, end devices, apps for smartphones and tablets and accompanying services for a modern premium IPTV product.

DI Dr. Stefan Gintenreiter, Managing Director LIWEST: „As a telecommunications company, we primarily offer our customers proximity and service. We also appreciate that with our business partners. We look forward to the competent cooperation with ocilion, another Upper Austrian partner, with whom we will revolutionize the future of cable TV usage for our customers.

Further case studies from network operators.

Salzburg AG TV Plus App
Salzburg AG
With ocilion we have found the ideal partner who is characterized by years of experience in the IPTV area and a high level of customer proximity. Together we have prepared our existing DVB-C offer for the future and, as 'TV Plus', created a completely new television experience with outstanding features.“
Martin Pölzgutter, Produktentwicklung & Marketing bei Salzburg AG

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