OCI Macro 2005 RZ Bright Blue web
OCI Macro 2005 RZ Bright Blue web

From Network Operator to a Local Provider.

You can be a Triple Play provider covering Interactive TV, Internet & Telephony.

ocilion for Network Operators

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Your room service at any time.

Create tailor-made entertainment for your customers, guests, patients and employees.

ocilion for Inhouse

Ocilion GUI Inhouse

Create Tomorrow's Entertainment.

Offer interactive IPTV experiences and create tailor-made entertainment – for all networks, for all markets.

Network Operators Inhouse

years of experience
network operators with ocilion
Inhouse installations
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Time-shifted TV up to 7 days
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In your own design
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Advertising & information
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Video on Demand
with latest Hollywood blockbusters

Fast zapping. The fastest out there.

A modern and interactive TV solution, with all the features and functions needed to give users the greatest possible freedom and inspires customers, guests, visitors and patients at the same time.

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Group 31
Innovation begins with L – LIWEST läuft.
As a telecommunications company, we primarily offer our customers proximity and service. We also appreciate that with our business partners. We look forward to the competent cooperation with ocilion, another Upper Austrian partner, with whom we will revolutionize the future of cable TV usage for our customers.“
DI Dr. Stefan Gintenreiter, Geschäftsführer LIWEST
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