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About us.

What sets us apart and who is behind ocilion.

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Uber Ocilion Kollage

Our history.

Every good company starts with a clever idea. Our managing director Hans Kühberger had the idea for ocilion back in the early 2000s. The company was founded in 2004. As an IPTV specialist, we offer individual complete IPTV solutions for network operators and the in-house area for hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, media houses, office buildings and other building projects.

Together with 65 employees, ocilion is breaking new ground and developing unique ideas that bring the company forward together with its customers. With foresight and experience, ocilion is an indispensable partner for IPTV solutions.

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Our CEO.

Hans Kühberger is the founder and managing partner of Ocilion IPTV Technologies GmbH and has been developing IPTV system solutions for 20 years. In 1993 he founded the IT system house Infotech, which has meanwhile also become an Internet service provider and has invested considerably in the expansion of fiber optics. As part of the FTTH expansion, Hans Kühberger developed the first IPTV solutions in 2002.

In 2004 he founded ocilion in order to be able to serve operators of xDSL, HFC and FTTx networks in the German-speaking market. In 2009 in-house solutions for hospitals, hotels, airports, office buildings and other building projects followed. In 2016, ocilion launched a comprehensive IPTV cloud solution in Germany and Austria as a rental variant of the proven on-premises product - optimized for medium-sized network operators.

ocilion = oculus + million.

The eyes (oculus)
... are a portal into our heads and the gateway to our emotions. We discover new things with our eyes, see what we like and what touches us deep inside. Our eyes light up when we are excited.

millions of people
... love television - as a pastime, entertainment, imparting knowledge, to learn new things and to experience stories.

ocilion is revolutionizing the world of entertainment for millions of viewers. We change and improve their television experience and open our customers' eyes to the possibilities of tomorrow.

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Create Tomorrow’s Entertainment.

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You can be a Triple Play provider covering Interactive TV, Internet & Telephony.

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Create tailor-made entertainment for your customers - for all markets.


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