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What sets us apart and who is behind ocilion.

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Wir feiern 20 Jahre ocilion.

Jedes gute Unternehmen beginnt mit einer cleveren Idee. Diese hatte ocilion Geschäftsführer Hans Kühberger schon in den frühen 2000er Jahren: Er hatte die Vision einer innovativen TV-Lösung, mit der Netzbetreiber ihr Triple-Angebot (Internet, Telefon, TV) komplettieren können. 2004 gründete er mit nur fünf Mitarbeitern ocilion. Heute zählen wir über 100 MitarbeiterInnen und sind führender IPTV-Anbieter im deutschsprachigen Raum. Lösungsorientierung, Begeisterung und Beständigkeit prägen seit jeher unser tägliches Tun, mit dem wir Entertainment-Lösungen gestalten und in ein neues Zeitalter bringen wollen.

Jahre ocilion
Gründungsjahr von ocilion
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Our CEO.

Hans Kühberger is the founder and managing partner of Ocilion IPTV Technologies GmbH and has been developing IPTV system solutions for 20 years. In 1993 he founded the IT system house Infotech, which has meanwhile also become an Internet service provider and has invested considerably in the expansion of fiber optics. As part of the FTTH expansion, Hans Kühberger developed the first IPTV solutions in 2002.

In 2004 he founded ocilion in order to be able to serve operators of xDSL, HFC and FTTx networks in the German-speaking market. In 2009 in-house solutions for hospitals, hotels, airports, office buildings and other building projects followed. In 2016, ocilion launched a comprehensive IPTV cloud solution in Germany and Austria as a rental variant of the proven on-premises product - optimized for medium-sized network operators.

ocilion = oculus + million.

The eyes (oculus)
... are a portal into our heads and the gateway to our emotions. We discover new things with our eyes, see what we like and what touches us deep inside. Our eyes light up when we are excited.

millions of people
... love television - as a pastime, entertainment, imparting knowledge, to learn new things and to experience stories.

ocilion is revolutionizing the world of entertainment for millions of viewers. We change and improve their television experience and open our customers' eyes to the possibilities of tomorrow.

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Create Tomorrow’s Entertainment.

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You can be a Triple Play provider covering Interactive TV, Internet & Telephony.

Network operators

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Create tailor-made entertainment for your customers - for all markets.



  • What's IPTV?
    IPTV ("Internet Protocol Television") is a technology that - to put it simply - enables television to be watched over the Internet. The television program is no longer played traditionally via cable or satellite but via the Internet. The already existing Internet infrastructure is used - i.e. via the available DSL, VDSL or, fiber-optic connection.
  • What is the advantage of IPTV over satellite and cable reception?
    With IPTV, users receive significantly more convenient functions that are not possible with other distribution channels. You no longer have to follow the television program, but become the program director yourself. They decide when they want to watch which programs, can easily record programs, jump back in time or watch films from the video library at the touch of a button - many even at the same time as the cinema premiere. An intuitive user interface gives you a good overview of the wide variety of content and takes you exactly where you are right.
  • What's Replay and Restart?
    Viewers will never miss their favorite show again. With the innovative Replay function, you can call up programs that have already been broadcast up to seven days in the past (Replay), restart programs that are already running (Restart), and even make recordings from the past program.
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