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Content is king!

Content is at the heart of every TV product, so we have a selection of high quality content for you.

Ocilion Subscriptions TV

Entertainment at your fingertips.

From ocilion you not only get a complete IPTV system including software, hardware & services, you also get content in the form of channel packages, video-on-demand service and apps for a complete entertainment offer for your customers. ocilion has direct license agreements with broadcaster groups and can offer you these from a single source. We have signed contracts for you so you don't have to worry about it.

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HD Package Germany

This channel package contains 22 well-known channels of all popular genres in impressive HD quality. Not only the possibility of network-side recording of programs, but also the time-delayed functions offer your customers complete freedom when watching their favorite programs.

Entertainment HD Package

The Entertainment HD package provides the best entertainment for the whole family. 22 premium HD channels offer films, series, children's programs, sports, documentaries and music around the clock. Thanks to the replay function, viewers can jump back up to seven days on all channels and enjoy past programs. More than 5,000 titles are available at any time at the push of a button..

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Foreign Language Packages

Offer your customers linguistic diversity and television directly from their country of origin, with international channels in different language packages.

Video on demand.

With the "Premium VoD Service", ocilion offers a very simple way of offering your end customers and guests, high-quality video-on-demand content. New Hollywood blockbusters appear parallel to cinema release and at the same time as the DVD or Blu-ray release on the platform.


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SCOOB One Sheet
Strange world 2022 P DE

Current VOD-Highlights

Apps & Media Libraries.

Television is not the same as it was ten years ago. Live is no longer just live, time-shifted television and content that can be accessed at any time are now mandatory for all generations. Through the integration of apps and media libraries, end customers can find everything they need in one place: Your IPTV product!


Create Tomorrow's Entertainment.

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You can be a Triple Play provider covering Interactive TV, Internet & Telephony.

Network operators

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Create tailor-made entertainment for your customers - for all markets.


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