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kabelplusMAGIC TV

kabelplusMAGIC TV

Kabelplus Magic TV

With "kabelplusMAGIC TV" the customer can decide at the push of a button when and where he wants to watch which TV program - even up to 7 days later!

Kabelplus GmbH is the largest cable network operator and multimedia service provider in Lower Austria and Burgenland. The company stands for high quality services with the best possible price / performance ratio. In order to further strengthen and expand this position with a new premium TV offering, kabelplus decided on the IPTV solution from ocilion. In the provider's high-performance networks, end customers benefit from innovative convenience functions such as Replay TV, video library and apps for smartphones and tablets for even better viewing pleasure. The network operator received from ocilion an on-premises complete system tailored to its needs, which is hosted directly in its own network and integrated into the existing infrastructure. The high-quality TV signals from kabelplus are used here.

Gerhard Haidvogel, technical director of kabelplus: “We want to meet the high expectations of our customers for the best entertainment, anytime and anywhere, as usual, and we are consistently relying on innovative trends for a modern, digital cable TV experience. With ocilion, we have selected the most suitable partner for this - a partner from Austria who will implement our requirements and concerns flexibly, in a spirit of partnership and in a future-oriented manner. "

Hans Kühberger, Managing Director of Ocilion IPTV Technologies GmbH: “With kabelplus we were able to win the leading network operator in Lower Austria and Burgenland for our IPTV system solution. With our 4k end devices, TV apps and content cooperations, we are putting together a future-proof IPTV product that fits seamlessly into the business model and product world of kabelplus. The attractive offer will certainly delight existing kabelplus customers and convince many new customers. "

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Innovation begins with L – LIWEST läuft.
As a telecommunications company, we primarily offer our customers proximity and service. We also appreciate that with our business partners. We look forward to the competent cooperation with ocilion, another Upper Austrian partner, with whom we will revolutionize the future of cable TV usage for our customers.“
DI Dr. Stefan Gintenreiter, Geschäftsführer LIWEST

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