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Kabelfernsehen Bödeli

Interactive television with a wow factor.

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Where it says Bödeli there is ocilion inside.

The telecommunications company has been offering its customers interactive television with a wow factor for four successful years. The TV platform is called Cable Plus Replay. The plus probably stands for a plus in terms of functions.

The battle for customers is tough. In order not to lose too many of them to the market leader Swisscom, the decision was made to expand the product portfolio to include IPTV. The partner of choice was ocilion. For Kabelfernsehen Bödeli AG CEO Walter A. Balmer, independence has always been the most important thing. Not just personal, but also that of the company. Our system offers top quality with the simplest operation and the possibility to turn an ocilion product into your own IPTV. Together they worked on the perfect solution for Kabelfernsehen Bödeli AG. The result is a TV package that has it all. Individual functions interact and create new possibilities.

An all-round carefree package

The software from ocilion is not only a well-rounded affair for the customers of Kabelfernsehen Bödeli AG. The company itself also enjoys a number of services that make daily business with TV customers easier. The online portal supplied by ocilion gives the company from the Bernese Oberland the opportunity to keep an eye on the system. So you can see exactly which set top box is online. Ocilion takes over the management of the IPTV system. Available storage space, any system updates ... We keep an eye on all of this for Kabelfernsehen Bödeli AG.

Walter A. Balmer explains the success through the professional start. You didn't just rush headlong into a new project, you had worked out a promising plan. The trouble was worth it. The word of mouth does the rest. Not only IPTV is very popular with Swiss customers. The additional offer has made the existing products even more attractive. With the new offers for customers, you are now not only competitive but also definitely future-proof. The “boost”, as cable television Bödeli AG CEO Walter A. Balmer called it, is obviously already being felt in the Bernese Oberland. The Balmer family, as well as their customers, can sit back and relax and enjoy television in exceptional quality. The Bernese Oberland is twice as beautiful.

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Salzburg AG TV Plus App
Salzburg AG
With ocilion we have found the ideal partner who is characterized by years of experience in the IPTV area and a high level of customer proximity. Together we have prepared our existing DVB-C offer for the future and, as 'TV Plus', created a completely new television experience with outstanding features.“
Martin Pölzgutter, Produktentwicklung & Marketing bei Salzburg AG
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