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Thanks to ocilion and carrierwerke to the triple-play internet provider.

Cooperation offers many synergies for customers.

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June 9, 2022 - In the future, signals and products from Ocilion IPTV Technologies GmbH can also be obtained from carrierwerke GmbH. This results in beneficial synergies for customers of both companies, including in the areas of grid coupling and marketing. Both service providers are listing partners of the BREKO purchasing association (EG), members of the EG benefit from particularly attractive advantages.

ocilion helps network operators, telecommunications and energy providers to offer their own IPTV. The turnkey IPTV solution is scalable and can be used by any network operator, regardless of size. As a modular white-labeled product including its own end devices, apps, an extensive range of content and professional services, the IPTV platform fits seamlessly into the existing portfolio of any network operator. The entire IPTV platform, set top box, remote control as well as first and second screen apps can be completely adapted to the corporate design of the network operator.

The IPTV product thus ideally complements the carrierwerke product portfolio. Because these support, among other things, municipal utilities and energy suppliers in developing into an Internet provider. The technical service forms the basis of the services. In addition to operating the broadband network, this also includes the delivery of white-label services such as Internet and telephony. These are produced by the carrier plants themselves and made available via their service platform. Thanks to the cooperation with ocilion, their signals and products can also be directly integrated via this platform in the future. Customers of carrierwerke will thus be able to purchase IPTV conveniently and pre-integrated in addition to Internet and telephony.

"In order to be able to survive as an internet provider on the market, we believe a so-called triple-play offer consisting of internet, telephony and television is essential," says Michael Neska, Managing Director of carrierwerke. And further: "We are therefore very pleased that our joint customers will be able to use ocilion's white label platform in the IPTV area in a simplified manner in the future."

The cooperation between the two companies also results in further synergy effects, especially in the marketing of the IPTV product. Because in addition to the technical service, the carrierwerke also support the common clientele in the areas of process optimization, sales and marketing if required. Because without sustainable target group and market-specific marketing of the triple-play offer, it will be difficult to achieve the desired sales success.

ocilion Managing Director Hans Kühberger is also pleased about the potential of the cooperation: “ocilion provides network operators with a complete and turnkey IPTV service with very powerful interfaces. It is precisely at these interfaces that the carrierewerke dock. The aim of the cooperation is to reduce the complexity for the network operator and, thanks to existing modules on both sides, to ensure faster overall commissioning. We look forward to working with carrierwerke.”

Jürgen Magull, Managing Director of BREKO EG: "The future cooperation between the two listing partners of the BREKO purchasing association shows once again that we are right in the forward-looking selection of our service providers for our member companies. Our members benefit from this cooperation in several ways and gain speed in fiber optic expansion. The provision of a timely IPTV offer for end customers, in connection with professional marketing support from the carrierwerke team, can only be an absolute win-win situation. The discounted purchase prices for member companies of the BREKO EG should be another good argument for entering into discussions with the two partners.”

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carrierwerke GmbH offers municipal utilities, local authorities and network owners the entire range of services to enable carriers and ISPs to survive in the telecommunications market over the long term. Due to the many years of industry experience of the people involved, the services offered go far beyond those of a classic technical service provider. In addition to providing services and operating the broadband network, carrierwerke also provides support with intelligent software solutions and extensive consulting services along the entire value chain.

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