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ocilion and YFE partnership

High-quality kids content with the channels „Fix&Foxi TV“, „RiC TV“ and „RiC.today" available on the IPTV platform.


ocilion and Your Family Entertainment AG enter into strategic partnership

Austrian IPTV provider ocilion and German media company Your Family Entertainment AG (YFE) have entered into a strategic partnership. The two companies combine their long-standing expertise in the fields of technology and content to create synergies for innovative solutions in the kids space. In the initial phase of the cooperation, ocilion will provide its network operators with YFE's high-quality, non-violent children and family programs via their IPTV platform. ocilion thus expands its channel portfolio with award-winning children's channel "Fix&Foxi TV", family channel "RiC TV" as well as English-language HD family channel "RiC.today", including time-shifted viewing. This allows young viewers to enjoy popular titles such as "Enid Blyton," "Fix & Foxi", and “Cosmo & Wanda”. Network operators and public utilities will be able to purchase the channels and offer them to their customers within the next few weeks.

Moreover, the two partners are evaluating opportunities for technological a cooperation to complement each other synergistically. ocilion provides its core expertise in IPTV, user guidance on different screens, moving image transmission, and multi-client distribution technologies. YFE contributes its expertise in content/program development and production, license trading with its content portfolio, and broadcasting.

Bernd Wendeln, COO at Your Family Entertainment AG: "It is our mission to provide children and families with engaging, educational, and non-violent entertainment that conveys positive social values. Thanks to this cooperation, we are significantly expanding our reach in the fast-growing IPTV market, reaching even more young viewers. I am looking forward to a successful cooperation with ocilion and the digital innovations for the kids space which we will develop together.”

Thomas Bichlmeir, Head of Content at ocilion: "It is more important than ever to offer the youngest viewers safe and high-quality content. With YFE we were able to gain an experienced content partner to cover these programs. In addition, we are creating synergies for innovative solutions that we want to successfully develop together - in the interests of our customers and consumers in general."

About Your Family Entertainment AG

The German company Your Family Entertainment AG ("YFE") (WKN [German security code number]: A161N1, ISIN: DE000A161N14, Abbreviation: RTV) is one of the leading producers and distributors of high-quality programs for children and families. It owns and operates one of the largest independent libraries in Europe, including well-known series such as "Enid Blyton", "Fix & Foxi", and "Altair". YFE focuses on engaging, educational, and entertaining content, which is free of violence. Furthermore, YFE operates the award-winning pay-TV channel "Fix&Foxi TV" on four different continents, the free-to-air channel "RiC TV", its international pay-TV version "RiC.today" as well as several mobile TV streams and digital channels worldwide.


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