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ocilion delivers content recommendations with XroadMedia.

Integration of the XroadMedia Recommendation Engine for network operators and their end customers to recommend live TV, replay and video-on-demand titles.

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November 19th, 2020 – Viewers are spoiled for choice when searching for films, series and documentaries and are confronted with an enormous variety of available content. As a TV service provider, it is now mandatory to present users with recommendations for suitable titles in the “content jungle”. Therefore, ocilion, in partnership with the specialist provider of personalization services, XroadMedia, has now integrated the “Ncanto” content discovery and recommendation solution into ocilion’s IPTV platform for service providers.

Customers receive personalized recommendations from the linear-TV line-up, replay services and video-on-demand libraries. Different algorithms and engines from XroadMedia recommend content to individual users based on their viewing behavior and ratings made for different titles. In addition, users receive suggestions for content that was viewed by other customers of the respective service provider in the “Most Viewed” category, as well as for titles that were positively rated by their entire audience. As the first customer, Salzburg AG has already successfully launched the solution for its customers and other service providers will follow in the coming months. Available immediately are content recommendations for the ocilion on-premise solution, followed by the implementation of Ncanto into the ocilion cloud service.

Martin Pölzgutter, Product Development & Marketing at Salzburg AG says, “With the recommendation engine, our IPTV customers enjoy a new television experience. In the flood of content from the last 7 days, they can now quickly and clearly find the programs that match their personal interests. Search was yesterday.”

Adolf Proidl, Co-Founder and CEO of XroadMedia, summarizes the successful partnership with ocilion, “We are very excited about working with ocilion. As seen in the example of Salzburg AG, the pre-integration of Ncanto into the IPTV platform means that ocilion customers can personalize their TV experience and video offerings quickly and easily using our solution. As a result, customers like Salzburg AG can also enjoy the associated advantages of more satisfied and more engaged users as well as additional marketing and monetization opportunities for their content”.

Hans Kühberger, CEO of ocilion, adds, “Nowadays consumers are overwhelmed by the abundance of content. This is where I see a huge opportunity for service providers, to present their users with recommendations for content that interests them and that other users have also watched and liked. As a result, users spend more time consuming content rather than wasting time when looking for the right movie."

About XroadMedia
At XroadMedia we have developed the next generation of content discovery, recommendation, and personalization solution – Ncanto. Based on almost two decades of product and market research, as well as customer deployments in the internet, media and broadcast industries, Ncanto is an innovative back-end solution optimized for cloud- and server-based deployments. Ncanto boosts our customers’ profits and revenues by uniquely combining user taste and watching behavior with our customers’ requirements and business models. Thanks to Ncanto’s flexible architecture and standards-based API connectivity, we even help our customers to reduce integration costs and time-to-market to an absolute minimum. More information on our products and services can be found at www.xroadmedia.com

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