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ocilion wins Luxembourg's leading network operator.

Eltrona chooses on-premises IPTV solution.

ocilion wins Luxembourg's leading network operator:
Eltrona chooses on-premises IPTV solution

June 7, 2021 - Eltrona is the leading cable network operator in Luxembourg and already supplies over 100,000 households and users with its services. With the aim of expanding the product portfolio and offering its cable customers future-proof television enjoyment, the provider decided on the IPTV solution from ocilion. Customers can thus enjoy premium IPTV with all the comfort functions such as replay, integrated video library and recording function including transmitter packages, 4K set top boxes and first and second screen apps - all designed by Eltrona. Due to the variety of languages ​​in Luxembourg, the system can also be operated in different languages.

The IPTV platform is hosted locally on Eltrona's servers (on-premises) - tailored to the needs of the network operator. This gives Eltrona the greatest possible freedom and more individuality in its product design. Updates and new functions can be put through their paces in a dedicated laboratory environment before they are made available to customers.

Paul Denzle, President and Managing Director of Eltrona: “We are looking forward to completing our customer offerings with the ocilion IPTV implementation. For us, this is the ideal service extension for our existing cable TV customers as well as our rapidly growing gigabit Internet customers. With ocilion we were able to gain a powerful partner for our further corporate development."

Dr. Nico Binsfeld, CTO Eltrona: "We decided in favor of the ocilion 'On-Premises' solution because it allows us to simultaneously and only with one partner all the services requested by our customers such as replay, catch-up PVR, EPG, VoD, Pay TV, the integration of media libraries and streaming services, mobile apps, IP and hybrid STB to offer. This enables us to optimally meet the new usage requirements of our customers."

Hans Kühberger, Managing Director ocilion: “Eltrona is a prime example of the implementation of our on-premises solution: You have been successfully supplying numerous TV customers for years, wanted to take the next step and with your TV product do justice to new user habits, such as the desire for time-shifted and mobile playback as well as the need for additional content offers. With our on-premises solution, we can provide all of these functionalities - perfectly integrated and turnkey - and meet the high quality requirements of Eltrona."

About Eltrona Interdiffusion s.a.
Eltrona Interdiffusion s.a. (Eltrona) was founded in 1969 as a family company and is now the leading cable television network operator in Luxembourg. In addition to the cable television business, Eltrona reaches 85% of the country's population with ultra-fast Internet (1 Gbit / s via DOCSIS 3.1.) Via its own fiber optic networks. Fixed line and mobile telephony and soon IPTV with innovative solutions complete the telecommunications offer from Eltrona.

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