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ocilion with a new user interface.

Refresh for a better user experience.

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The user interface (UI) is the heart of every TV offering. We have therefore taken the time to revise our UI over the past few months and to be able to offer viewers an even better TV experience. With the new design, the operation is visually more appealing, more intuitive and the content is staged even more emotionally for an improved user experience.

Among other things, the new design is optimized for interaction with the recommendation service. Recommendations from the current program, Replay TV and the video library are presented in a particularly attractive way for users. For a precise landing when winding a program, we have implemented trick play including preview images.

We would be happy to present you our new UI and the associated options in a virtual live demo. If you have any questions about the user interface, functions and features or general questions, please feel free to contact us!

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