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EWE launches "ZuhauseTV" with ocilion.

On-premises complete solution for new IPTV offer.

June 29, 2021 - The Oldenburg energy and telecommunications company EWE is advancing its TV offering and has decided to partner with ocilion. The on-premises complete solution tailored by ocilion includes 4K set top boxes, first and second screen apps as well as extensive features and content packages.

“We want to offer our customers individual products for everything to do with their home. With our new home TV product, we are taking our IPTV offering to a new level. It complements our existing home portfolio for everything to do with electricity, gas, mobile communications and the Internet and delivers a comprehensive entertainment package right into your own four walls,” explains Andreas Mayer, Head of the Energy & TC Products Business Unit at EWE.

The IPTV solution from ocilion enables, for example, recording in the cloud, time-shifted television (replay) and shines with an intuitive user interface in the EWE design. In conjunction with a high-performance fiber optic connection from EWE, customers receive a future-proof TV product. The new home TV service is due to start this year.

Hans Kühberger, CEO of ocilion: “EWE is one of the largest energy companies in Germany, already supplies 700,000 customers with telecommunications services and is investing even more in the fiber optic infrastructure. We are therefore very pleased to have won EWE as an innovative partner in order to establish a long-term, competitive product on the market together with 'ZuhauseTV' with our customized on-premises solution. The IPTV complete solution is hosted in the infrastructure of EWE and enables the ongoing expansion of the offer with new functions and additional content - entirely in accordance with the needs of the end customer. "

About EWE

As an innovative service provider, EWE is active in the fields of energy, telecommunications and information technology. With over 9,100 employees and a turnover of 5.6 billion euros in 2020, EWE is one of the largest energy companies in Germany. The company, which is headquartered in Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, is predominantly in municipal hands. It supplies around 1.4 million customers with electricity, around 0.7 million with natural gas and around 0.7 million with telecommunications services in northwest Germany, Brandenburg and Rügen as well as parts of Poland. EWE is playing a pioneering role in the areas of climate protection and digital participation. To this end, the group will invest over one billion euros in the expansion of the fiber optic infrastructure, four billion euros in the construction of new wind turbines and is a leader in the expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure. You can find out more about EWE at www.ewe.com.

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