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OPEC headquarters in Vienna relies on the in-house solution from ocilion.

The OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is an intergovernmental organization consisting of 12 oil-producing countries with their headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The current approximately 140 employees from approximately 30 countries are dependent on global information in their day-to-day business. International broadcasts and news are analyzed and passed on, and conferences that are currently taking place in-house can be experienced live in a wide variety of offices.

In 2009 OPEC moved into its new domicile in Vienna's 1st district and the management decided to equip the building with a fully interactive television solution. Today, employees use the various media services via the in-house solution from ocilion.

Versatile media services

Media can be used directly on the employees' PCs - thanks to the ocilion Desktop Media Client. At the same time, the TV services are also used via TV sets with set top boxes. In addition, conferences can be broadcast in your own building via the IPTV system, as the live stream is played in the system in real time. With live television and live radio, the news is sent directly to employees' workplaces for analysis. Replay "24 + 3" makes it possible to analyze TV broadcasts afterwards and to generate recordings for archiving. With the integrated network-based video recorder (nPVR), broadcasts can be stored centrally.

Storage capacity and hardware

Around 100 live TV channels can be fed into the OPEC TV system. Currently, a total of 23 TV channels - including two from our own company - are temporarily stored in a ring buffer for 24 hours, for which replay is also possible.

Further Inhouse case studies.

OptimaMed Aspach
OptimaMed Aspach
Our new IPTV has many convenience functions. On the one hand for our guests who are in treatments during the day, but also for me. So you don't miss a single sports broadcast.“
Dr. Günther Beck, Geschäftsführer

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