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Ten new customers for ocilion

ocilion wins ten new network operators for its IPTV Solution.


Numerous new customers: ten network operators choose ocilion.

ocilion wins numerous new customers for its complete IPTV system in Germany and Austria. Ten network operators recently opted for the tried and tested solution and a quick product launch. In Germany, Stadtwerke Bad Nauheim, Stadtwerke Hammelburg, Speedloc (Görlitz), Datel (Dessau) and Stadtwerke Merseburg are already in the implementation phase for their own IPTV offer. In Austria, Energie Steiermark, Feistritzwerke, Xinon (Studenzen), tirolnet and Stadtwerke Imst have chosen ocilion.

This enables them to offer their customers their own TV product under their own brand, including content packages, numerous convenience functions, integrated video-on-demand service, 4K set-top boxes and apps for first and second screens.

With 600,000 customers, Energie Steiermark is one of the four largest energy providers in Austria. In addition to the largest Austrian network operators, ocilion is also delivering a comprehensive IPTV solution to the major state energy suppliers Energie Steiermark, Wien Energie and Energie AG (Upper Austria).

Hans Kühberger, Managing Director of Ocilion IPTV Technologies: “More and more network operators are choosing their own IPTV service. The ocilion IPTV solution offers large and small operators alike the opportunity to quickly start a future-proof TV service on their behalf. For all providers who are currently expanding their fiber optic network, this is the motor to get even more end customers to connect."

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